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    About Berniecrats of California

    About Berniecrats of California

    Berniecrats of California

    Berniecrats of California was born out of the grassroots efforts to win the California ADEM elections in January of 2017.  

    After the 2016 Presidential Elections a large group of Bernie Sanders delegates and supporters continued to organize across the state with the objective of continuing the "Revolution".  Knowing that the California Democratic Party elections were coming in mid 2018 a few of the leaders of the progressive movement started to organize with the purpose of winning control of the party.  One of the initial steps was to dominate the January elections.  Many groups and individuals participated.  

    Among them was Alexis Edelstein, himself a Bernie Sanders delegate and media surrogate.  Alexis realized early on that getting the vote out was going to be a huge challenge given that the majority of people were not aware of the elections.  Having volunteered with the Bernie Campaign, Alexis knew about GOTV tools including Hustle (a texting app).  In order to utilize Hustle and purchase databases Alexis needed to build out an organization and thus Berniecrats of California was born.

    Berniecrats of California organized over 40 of the Assembly Districts and combined to send out over 100,000 texts in the week leading up to the election.  On average progressives won one additional seat in the districts with texting!  Berniecrats of California was also one of the first organizations to partner with Our Revolution who sent out thousands of emails in the days leading up to the election.

    Now the Berniecrats of California are a 501(c)(3), non profit organization.  Our goals are to advance the Progressive movement in California by assisting, educating and supporting organizers and delegates.

    Our board consists of Bernie Delegates, PDA members, DNC members, Social Media gurus and Progressive leaders.


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