As goes California so goes the Nation


The 2017 California Democratic Party Convention is taking place May 19-21 in Sacramento.

Over 3,000 delegates are headed there to vote on new party leadership.  We won 60% of the delegate election in January now we need your help to get these delegates to Sacramento!

Each delegate has to cover their own cost to get to Sacramento and between the transportation, lodging, fees and food the cost adds up!

Because of this the Berniecrats of California, an Official Our Revolution Partner are offering to raise funds to pay for eligible delegates lodging.

While some delegates have set up a gofundme page or something similar, many delegates do not have the social media bandwidth or network to amass any significant funds.  The Berniecrats of California would work as a centralized depository in which all funds donated to this event will go to the participating delegates. (*minus any marketing costs including social media ad buys and any printed collateral)

The Berniecrats of California are a 501(c)(3), non profit.  All contributions to the Berniecrats of California are tax deductible and there is no limit on how much an individual or organization can donate.

We invite all Progressive Delegates who are interested to agree to become a designated participant to the Berniecrats of California in order to participate.  (Applications will be available by May 1st via crowdpac update and social media)



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